After the recent Penn State and Syracuse abuse scandals, allegations about another team official have surfaced, this time on the pro level involving a former Red Sox clubhouse manager. Donald Fitzpatrick, who died in 2005, worked for the Red Sox in the early 1990s. An accuser has claimed that Fitzpatrick sexually assaulted him in the clubhouse restroom when the accuser was 16 years old.

He is one of two former teenage clubhouse attendants seeking $5 million each in damages.

“I’ve held one of Boston’s darkest secrets all these years, knowing people would have been blown out of their seats if they knew what the Red Sox let happen to me,’’ one of them told the Boston Globe.

It’s not the first time the organization is hearing charges against Fitzpatrick — they relieved him of his duties in 1991 when as many as eight others came forward with similar accusations at a spring training facility. Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty in 2002 to four counts of attempted sexual battery, and the team paid out a settlement of $3.15 million to seven men.

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