Bob Costas has finally admitted that his comments about football "destroying people's brains" is the reason he was removed from his post at NBC Sports.

The comments were made during a round table discussion at the University of Maryland. After the comment was made, Costas got a text from NBC Sports producer Sam Flood that said "you've crossed the line."

Costas immediately thought, "What line have I crossed?" Costas has been making these comment for years. Just take a look at this clip from at least almost 7 years ago.

And he reminded NBC of this. But that wasn't enough. This is what Costas said about the conversation with NBC after the comments made at the University of Maryland and him being involved in Super Bowl 52 coverage:

"I recall [them saying], 'It's a six-hour, day-long celebration of football, and you're not the right person to celebrate football.'  [And] my response was not, 'Oh please . . . change your mind.'  [It] was, 'Yeah, I guess you're right.'"

Costas was scheduled to be involved with the Super Bowl 52 coverage, but after the comments, he was quietly taken off and it was reported the split was mutual. And while it seems it was mutual, it really had more to do with NBC saying something to the effect of "We're in bed with the NFL, and you bad mouthed them too far this time."

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