The humble pancake is one of my favorite breakfast foods; but then again, I'm a breakfast lover so it should be a no-brainer that I love pancakes.

Luke Pennystan via Unsplash
Luke Pennystan via Unsplash

Sure, there are many who prefer waffles, but I lean more towards pancakes, and if you're looking for the best pancakes in all of Texas, well look no further than the city of the 915.

Eat This Not That has compiled a list of the Best Pancakes in Every State and coming in as the winner of the Lone Star state is Crave Kitchen & Bar's very own pancakes.

There's no word on how Eat This Not That came to the conclusion that Crave Kitchen and Bar has the best pancakes in all of Texas, but I can't complain; and I'm sure that many El Pasoans wouldn't complain either- Crave is a hot spot for everyone in El Paso.

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Crave Kitchen and Bar

With six locations across El Paso, Eat This Not That had this to say about the pancakes:

At Crave Kitchen and Bar, they are making chorizo pancakes. The pancakes are studded with spicy chorizo and served with two eggs, bacon, and sausage for a meat lovers' breakfast.


Yes, that's right, Crave Kitchen and Bar is serving up chorizo pancakes, along with several other pancake flavors (blueberry, churro, Nutella, and whole wheat pancakes) like these pineapple upside down pancakes!

The brunch at Crave Kitchen and Bar is also a local favorite; but make no mistake that the pancakes are the star of the show!

You can check out the other states and their best pancakes here and you can keep up with what Crave Kitchen and Bar are up to here.

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