ESPN's Skip Bayless is one of the most polarizing sports analysts on television.  Bayless has strong opinions and convictions, and never waffles on any subject.  He cut his teeth in the print journalism world before becoming a talking head on ESPN.

Ravens' linebacker Terrell Suggs (aka 'T-Sizzle') also has strong opinions.  Recently, Suggs has gone toe-to-toe with Bayless on a variety of subjects .

There is a real Ali/Cosell feel when Bayless and Suggs go at it on television.  Both have genuine respect for each other, but neither shy away from confrontation.

Things heated up today when Bayless inferred Suggs felt the Patriots received home cooking in the AFC Championship game.

Suggs didn't appreciate Bayless putting words in his mouth and called him the female hygiene product that is most associated with unbecoming behavior.


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