It was a solid senior year for Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma University. The quarterback threw for 4627 yards, 43 touchdowns, and had just 6 picks. Oh yeah, he also won the Heisman Trophy, and didn't get arrested.

Unfortunately Mayfield's season came to a close sooner than he would have hoped in the Rose Bowl, 54 to 48. But, it's now time to start looking to the NFL, and apparently Mayfield already has an idea of where he wants to go.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills was live on Instagram yesterday when Mayfield happened to stop in in the chat with one simple phrase. #GetMeToMiami.

Of course the Dolphins are still banking on Ryan Tannehill coming back from an injured knee to lead the team this coming up season, and they don't plan on drafting a quarterback. But the team wouldn't shy away from drafting a quarterback, if the player was the highest ranked player on their draft board.

After the Instagram chat post, Mayfield headed to Twitter to let everyone know he won't just play for Miami.

“Everybody can relax, I will play anywhere that gives me a chance. I’m not picky, I will go anywhere and strive to uplift a franchise and win ball games.”

Why did Mayfield make the #GetMeToMiami comment? He says it was because he was talking to a former Sooner, Kenny Stills.

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