Just two days after Austin 'No Doubt' Trout had a somewhat controversial loss to Canelo Alvarez, he joined us on SportsTalk.

Trout talks about the reception he received coming home today, the fight, how he felt about the scoring, the comment he made after the fight and much more.


"I don't believe he is the better fighter, I believe he was the better fighter that night... i am just itching to get back in the ring and prove my worth."



The Harold Letterman interview is below.

"The primary factor for scoring a round is who did the most damage... it's not easy you know unless a guy gets knocked around or his head gets snapped back."



Here is the interview with  Austin Trout's trainer, Louie Burke.

"I knew for a fact that he (Alvarez) was a much better boxer than people were giving him credit for... I felt his left hook was overrated and his right hand was way underrated."