While former UTEP and current Auburn head coach Tony Barbee is struggling to win games in the SEC (4-8 12-11 overall record), his school's marketing department has found a great way to give one lucky basketball fan a chance to win a new car. Lynch Toyota of Auburn sponsored an in-game promotion that gives a contestant a chance to sink a 95-foot putt and win a new car. Yesterday, Patrick Burch, a 28-year old IT worker from Birmingham, stepped up and did the impossible.

Not bad for a guy who had never even been to a basketball game before. Burch was selected at random for the contest, which was always held during a first-half timeout in every Auburn home game. Nobody had ever made the putt before yesterday and for his efforts, Burch was awarded $15,000 from Lynch Toyota for the purchase of any new vehicle. Of course, the guy does not even play golf. Since UTEP is always looking for new in-game promotions, this would be a huge crowd favorite. (Hint Hint).