President and CEO of the Arizona Diamondback's, Derrick Hall, announced on Saturday that the D'backs will use their 34th round pick, to draft paralyzed ASU outfielder Cory Hahn.

In his first year with ASU, Hahn attempted to steal second base when he collided with the knee of the second baseman. The collision left Hahn with a fracture to the C5 vertebrae and damage to his spinal cord, leaving Hahn paralyzed from the chest down.

Before his injury Hahn was a high caliber player and had the potential to be an early draft pick, he was known to be high spirited and just a very good guy. Hahn, continues to be the in high spirits and seems to inspire other's despite his injury. You could only imagine the kind of person he is to catch the eye of Derrick Hall and the D'backs organization.There were even talks that the Marlins and the Padres were even looking to draft Hahn.

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Here is a video of when the Arizona Diamondbacks made their announcement.