El Paso boxer Antonio Escalante said in a recent press conference that he doesn't have a drinking problem, this after being arrested on suspicion for his third DWI this year.

Escalante's absurd statement is one of denial and would be like the me saying that I don't have a food problem; it just doesn't fly.  Denial is a serious problem that so many people face that can ultimately lead to the demise of many individuals.  Escalante was arrested on suspicion of DWI on July 13, and like so many other professional athletes doesn't realize how blessed he is to be a professional in the sport that he loves.

His ignorance and failure to admit his problem and receive much needed help may end up costing him his boxing career, and more importantly his freedom.   Escalante's arraignment on the latest charge has been scheduled for Sept. 2,  If he is convicted in the first two DWI cases, then his latest arrest becomes a third degree felony, carrying  a prison sentence between two and ten years.

Despite the most recent fiasco in Escalante's life he is scheduled to fight Jose Pedraza for the IBO title on August 15 in California on ESPN 2.  How many chances is this guy supposed to get?  We all make mistakes, after all being human means that life throws us curve balls all the time.  It is how we respond to those challenges and our mistakes that truly defines who we are and builds character as well.

Hopefully Escalante will admit to his problem and seek help soon, if not bad consequences are sure to follow.  Here is the youtube video of Escalante's recent press conference.