Tonight's Monday Night Football game between the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos was more than a AFC West rivalry. It was historic. It was a game that proves no matter what the score is at the half, momentum can shift in a heartbeat and you probably shouldn't of given up on your team because you missed out.


Sixty minutes of football -- is just that. It ain't over 'till its over. Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning looked a lot like well, the Peyton Manning of old.

With an amazing comeback in the second half after being shut out in the first. The Broncos came through clutch answering back by shutting down the Chargers offense in the second half. San Diego Chargers quarterback, Phillip Rivers unraveled before our eyes. Four interceptions and you start to look line you're playing for the wrong team.

Any given...Monday. So it was. Both teams are now 3-3 in the AFC West.

Looking back here's another comeback blast from the past. Remember this one between the Houston Oilers and Buffalo Bills? At the end, Warren Moon had the same facial expressions as Phillip Rivers.

Bills shock the Oilers with a 2nd Half Comeback


Photos: ESPN