Did ya check out the Spurs game tonight?!

Seems as if we're getting closer to the Conference Finals. Right now, there are 4 teams that are one step away from it. Let's review:

The Miami Heat took on Game 4 against the Chicago Bulls 88-65 yesterday making this series 3-1. Right after the Memphis Grizzlies beat Oklahoma City Thunder 103-97. Giving Memphis the lead 3-1 as well.

Tonight, the Indiana Pacers are staying strong and strutting their stuff taking their series 3-1 also against the New York Knicks. (I honestly thought this series would be done real quick ... but not in this direction.) The only game in the Conference Semifinals where both teams have moved up from just 1 win, Golden State Warriors are at 2 as the San Antonio Spurs have untied their series and went up to 3 wins.


So we have Memphis and San Antonio leading in the West as Miami and Indiana on the East. Do you think these teams are gonna keep up their game and move on to the NBA Semifinals? Or do you think OKC, GSW, Chicago and/or New York are gonna step up and surprise us?!

I don't know about you all, but I am here nail-biting waiting to see who moves on!!