File this under “we probably shouldn’t care but we post about it anyway” for reasons we’ll get into after we show everyone a picture of a naked person.

Adrianne Curry said she’d post a naked picture of herself if she hit 300,000 followers on Twitter. She got the followers, so here’s the [OBVIOUSLY NSFW AND UN-BLACK BOXED VERSION] picture.

Why we probably shouldn’t care: Adrianne Curry is one of those “celebrities” who require quotation marks. She won the first cycle of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and then spun that into shallow fame, appearing on ‘Celebrity Paranormal Project’ and ‘The Surreal Life.’ In 2006, she married Peter Brady on the last episode of ‘My Fair Brady’ about Christopher Knight a.k.a Peter Brady. They separated five years later.

Has she amounted to anything besides being a hot model? No, not really and stunts like this “I’ll strip for 300,000 followers” thing kind of reek of desperation. So why post about her? Because she is still hot and willing to get naked just for attention.

On a semi-related note — if we reach a thousand followers on our Twitter account we will post naked pictures of the entire staff. If we don’t reach a thousand followers by the end of the week, we’ll still post the photos, because they are actually more of a punishment than a reward to anyone that looks at them.

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