Aaron Jones is becoming the biggest El Paso player in the NFL and for good reason: playing extremely well with the Green Bay Packers would make any player a star. But he was & is an El Pasoan at heart. Last year it was announced that Aaron Jones would have his own sports bar in El Paso & during the NFL off season, he's been representing the 915 at a local Taco Tote.

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Founded in Juarez, Mexico in 1988, Taco Tote has been a staple of El Paso & Juarez's history, opening up 23 restaurants in Texas, Arizona & Mexico.

Last year Aaron Jones announced a partnership with Taco Tote & on a recent "El Paso.Best" Instagram post, Aaron was shown sporting (no pun intended) some swag with his face on it. He even helped out in the kitchen & you can see all the photos and videos down below:

For those who don't follow Aaron Jones on Instagram (@show_tyme33), Aaron is part of the the #SomebreroGang so that's why the clothes was showing a cartoon version of Jones wearing a sombrero.

The clothes Aaron was wearing is all part of The Aaron Jones Collection, that includes a limited edition shirt, hoodie, & hat that you can find on the Taco Tote online shop.

This is not the only merch that Aaron Jones has done with Taco Tote; he's also had special Taco Tote shoes that he even brought out onto the field last year. This also not Aaron Jones's only partnership; he's also partnered with Oakley Sunglasses & A & A All the Way.

It's always nice seeing Aaron Jones represent El Paso in a positive light both on & off the football field.

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