El Pasoans are passionate. We're passionate about our city, we're passionate about our sports teams, we're passionate about our beliefs and we're passionate about our food.

Seriously, I'm part of a foodies group here in El Paso (shoutout to the foodies) and it's no shocker that when it comes to food, we all can get a little heated- especially when it comes to libel of our favorite foods!

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You know who else is passionate about the food in El Paso? Mr. Showtime himself, Aaron Jones. The Green Bay running back hit back on Twitter to anyone who even dares to talk smack about the Mexican food in El Paso.

I cannot argue with Mr. Jones. I do believe El Paso has the best Mexican food- but then again, I might be a bit biased seeing as how I was born and raised here.

Food is subjective, and when it comes to the food in El Paso- to us, none can do better. However, some in the comments were not all in agreement with Mr. Jones.

And of course, someone HAD to say that it's better in California, we all know how that ends:

And then somehow Phoenix got brought up in the conversation!  

Whichever side you're one, you have to agree- Jones is very passionate not just about El Paso, but the food as well.

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