A pair of former Miners clashed on Twitter Wednesday afternoon over a post on the UTEP football Twitter page. It was former receiver Jordan Leslie that criticized the program's winless start and losing streak. Leslie was a standout receiver from 2011-13 before he transferred to BYU for his final year of eligibility.

Although it came out blunt, Leslie is right in some aspects, except for the fact that the team is actually 0-17, not 0-16 as he wrote. He took a hit at the fact that the Miners haven't been within reach of the teams they're losing to, contrary to head coach Dana Dimel's saying the team "can play with anybody and have a chance and should win some of these games."

Then, Green Bay Packers and former UTEP running back Aaron Jones chimed in on what he thought of Leslie's comments:

Here AJ points out that Leslie isn't justified in saying something negative about a team that Leslie "gave up on," which refers to Leslie leaving for BYU. But then Leslie points out that Jones left the program early too. Jones forewent his senior season of eligibility to enter the 2017 NFL Draft.

Leslie points out that he played through injuries during his time at UTEP and claiming he played more games than Jones at UTEP. He was right. Leslie played in 36 games for the Miners, while Jones played in 35.

But then Jones went for the jugular with his finishing line: "imma stay in my lane and get ready for Sunday." 

This is probably a direct shot at Leslie, who was cut from the Broncos about a month ago. Leslie has had six appearances on-and-off NFL teams for the past three seasons. On the contrary, Jones is going into his second year in the NFL and is one of the prime running backs for the Packers.

Leslie finished the "Twitter beef" with this final Tweet:

Leslie says the door is open if Jones wants to talk off social media—and jabs of how AJ would talk with him "back in the day when you were learning from me." To the conclusion of their thread, current Miners, former players and even fans chimed in with their thoughts.

It might be premature to criticize under a new regime, but Leslie went for the hard-truth facts in this exchange. Jones simply wanted to rid of negativity surrounding the program, where a winless spell has loomed over for over 600 days.

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