There are some women who can also do the things that men do. You've heard and seen some women who played on a football team with a bunch of dudes. For example, Sarah Fuller made history when she was the first woman to make college football history.

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She played in a Power 5 game last year in November. For women to see other women do things that are usually meant for men is amazing. There is another woman but in Texas who succeeded in what seems like the toughest mission to accomplish.

Nicci Robinson is a great example and leader for women everywhere. Destination Dallas Texas is a gym for bodybuilders and powerlifters. Well, Destination Dallas Texas held a challenge that Nicci Robinson was a participant in. The challenge the participants took part in was having to haul an 18,000 lb semi-truck.

Clearly, not all people would be willing to try this kind of challenge if they had a chance. Now if you've been training for something like this then maybe you would jump at the opportunity. But for Nicci Robinson, she had refused to be intimidated by this extreme challenge.

You can hear the people surrounding her cheering her on as she managed to pull the semi-truck. When you see the video keep a close eye on the semi-truck as you WILL see it move. The biggest lesson behind this story is to go after the goals you set your mind to. She did a damn good job pulling what she could and will pull even more next time around.

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