Shortly after the Jim Tressel story broke in Columbus Steve interviewed Bruce Hooley, former co-host of 'The Big Show' on 97.1 the Fan in Columbus, Ohio. Former Buckeyes Chris Spielman and Kirk Herbstreit were also part of the show.  Hooley was outspoken with Steve as well as on his own show.  97.1 happens to be the flagship station for Ohio State athletics.  Does anyone else see a conflict in interest?  Despite having higher ratings in January than Buckeye football, Hooley never returned after his March 17th show.  I applaud Hooley's candor, but sometimes you have to remember who butters your bread.

There is a happy ending to this story.  Hooley will still be a Big Ten columnist for Fox Sports Ohio.  Below is the two part interview Steve conducted with Hooley on March 9th.

Bruce Hooley Part One

Bruce Hooley Part Two