Join Sports Spin's Crystal Dominguez in the first ever Women's Fantasy League for 600 ESPN El Paso and win big!

Since the regular season is fast approaching, Wednesday September 5th, the ball on this draft will be rolling quickly. We will be aiming for a 12-team league and be using the ESPN Fantasy Football Draft.

So while your man has his league(s) and keeps a close eye on his players, you too can take part in the fun all-the-while learning a whole lot about players, teams, stats and the game.

It's time to put your foot down and play some ball! Don't just rep his jersey, but rep your own!

Don't know much about football? No need to worry! Here's you chance to learn. If you have questions, Crystal Dominguez will be the commissioner of the league and will post Fantasy Football Tips on a weekly basis.

For the women who are familiar with fantasy football--awesome! If you don't understand the way fantasy football works, you will have Crystal's assistance when it comes to the actual draft this coming weekend. More specifically about the rules, player projections, player news, injuries and how to keep your team in line every week, so while they go hard on the field with big runs, catches and TDs -- you score points!

Soon enough you will find you're not just a fan of your team, but a true fan of the game!

There will be awesome prizes for the winner! Soon to be announced! Stay tuned via the 600 ESPN El Paso Website, our 600 ESPN El Paso Facebook and tune into Sports Spin M-F from 2-4 PM for more information.

There are only 12 spots and they will fill up quickly. So how do you join? Simple. The first 12 females to email their name, contact info and team name to will be added to the league.

For those men who are reading this, share this with your wife, girlfriend, daughters, sisters, cousins, mother and tell your grandmother to get in the game!