Playoffs have begun!

Thank you to all 12 teams for being a part of the First Annual ESPN El Paso "A League of Our Own" fantasy football league.

At first there were a lot of people, mostly men, doubting I could produce a group of women in a short amount of time, who are sports savvy, sports fans and more importantly those that would keep up with their fantasy league through out the season. It wasn't hard to do in this old town of El Paso!

It took only one post and a couple hours later the spots were filled and I found myself turning a couple dozen women down. Hopefully, they will be interested in next year's fantasy league as I would love to continue managing it.

Week 13 was the end of our regular season. Great job ladies! As I look back at the Activity Logs -- these women didn't skip a beat. From classy trash talking, trade deadlines, waivers and injured players benched -- it was exciting!

A couple divisions saw teams that clinched tightly onto first place by the tips of their nails! Nad Packers and No Punt Intended, to be specific, good job!

After the Regular Season this is how it played out:

#1 Rodgers That - Briana
#2 Monteezy4Sheezy - Katrina
#3 Pink Bunnies - Jessica
#4 Benchwarmers - Rachel
#5 No Punt Intended - Erica
#6 Nad Packers - Natalie
#7 Show Me Ur TD's - Nathalie
#8 Red & Goldiggers - Liz
#9 Terrafirminators - Yvonne
#10 Lambeau Leap - Diana
#11 25 Shades - Cristina
#12 Double D - Denise

In Week 14, we began Round One of Playoffs which are the top four teams listed above. They have continued going toe-to-toe with that opponent into the start of Thursday Night Football in Week 15.

On deck, Week 16 and 17 we will began our first-ever "A League of Our Own: SuperBowl I."

Ladies, play on players, and keep dropping and adding them like their hot! Don't forget there's not just one winner -- but a first, second and third place!

Good Luck and thank you all for participating as well as joining us as guests on both Sports Talk and Sports Spin!


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