As we approach week 11 of the 2020 NFL season, the NFC East is wide open with four of the worst teams in the league slugging it out for a chance to go to the playoffs. Only two teams in the history of the NFL have made it to the postseason with only 7 wins, and it appears that this record will be shattered by the eventual NFC East champ.

As it currently stands, the Philadelphia Eagles lead the division with a 3-5-1 record, followed by the New York Giants at 3-7. The Washington Football Club and Dallas Cowboys are tied with a 2-7 mark. It does not appear that any of these teams will win more than half of their remaining games, which means that a 6-10 record could win the entire division. Let's look at each team's remaining schedule:

Philadelphia Eagles: @Cleveland, Seattle, @Green Bay, New Orleans, @Arizona, @Dallas, Washington
New York Giants: @Cincinnati, @Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland, @Baltimore, Dallas
Washington Football Club: Cincinnati, @Dallas, @Pittsburgh, @San Francisco, Seattle, Carolina, @Philadelphia
Dallas Cowboys: @Minnesota, Washington, @Baltimore, @Cincinnati, San Francisco, Philadelphia, @NY Giants

As you can tell, no team in the NFC East has an easy schedule of remaining games. The Eagles, Washington, and Cowboys each have seven remaining games while the Giants have only six. Unless a team gets hot, which is highly unlikely, someone will have an opportunity to play in the postseason with only six wins. I cannot see Dallas or Washington winning four out of their final seven games in order to get to 6-10. If the Eagles go 3-4, they would finish the regular season with a 6-9-1 record. That could be the best case scenario for the division winner. One thing is for certain: it is truly the NFC Least in 2020.

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