50 Cent is good at a lot of things: rapping, entrepreneurship, marketing and much more. The rapper made us painfully aware that throwing out the first pitch at baseball game isn't one of them.

The Queens rapper became the joke of the evening when he badly botched the first pitch at a Mets baseball game.  Though he appears to have been aiming to throw the ball at the catcher behind home base it went waaaay to his left. 50 Cent is of course a mastermind so maybe he wasn't actually aiming for the plate -- he is known for making his own rules. Plus, 'Animal Ambition' comes out next week. A horrendous pitch draws more publicity than a decent, over-the-plate pitch. 50 Cent does have marketing savvy after all.

The Internet isn't going to see it that way, however. 50 Cent has been known to crack jokes on his Instagram about celebrity drama, including Jay Z's elevator fight with Solange Knowles and T.I.'s brawl with Floyd Mayweather over the Memorial Day weekend. It's time to see if 50 Cent can take what he dishes.

50 Cent already posted a response to the critics.

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