On July 28, the Dallas Cowboys will report to their training camp in Oxnard, Calif., with their first day of practice set for the next day.  El Paso Cowboys fans should be happy if for no other reason the return of football sets fall kind of mental state which might help ease the brain during this blistering summer.  Here are five reasons Cowboys fans should be excited to get on with things.

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    Two words: Tony Romo! 

    In the off-season, Tony underwent the Mumford procedure, a surgery designed to diminish the chance of re-fracturing the injury that took him out twice last year.  With a healthy Romo under center, they have a chance to beat anyone.

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    Less Pressure

    After a surprising 12-4 2014 talk was a possible Super Bowl.  After a disastrous 4-12 2015 talk was about a possible rebuild.  Many publications are predicting the Boys will finish 2nd behind the Giants.  However Athlon Sports 2016 NFL Preview forecast a 1st place finish in the NFC East, though they also predict a first round exit.  The key considerations for a great season are an “easy” schedule (losing has it’s benefit), and 2016 comes with lower expectations and thus less pressure.

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    Jon Durr / Getty Images

    Ezekiel Elliot

    Unless Ezekiel Elliot has a few more disgruntled ex-girl friends to try and disrupt things, he should be able to focus on winning the offensive rookie of the year award.  He should help time of possession, keeping the defense off the field.  He should help Romo play like the Romo of 2014.  He should help sell a few more jerseys across the country.  He should have one heck of a season because of…

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    The 'O' Line

    The offensive line has a combined testosterone level of…just kidding, but they’ve got size, strength, and as Travis Frederick told us at this year’s Sports Expo, something to prove.  Travis spoke so calmly and confidently of how they addressed last season’s adversity and were already mentally and physically preparing to be ready for this season.

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    They’re the Cowboys! 

    Regardless of how far they go or how far they fall during any season, just having your team back in action is a very exciting thing.  One of the beautiful things about pro sports is that it can help provide diversion, purpose, and union with fellow fans, friends, and family.

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