There's been a lot of talent to come out of El Paso & there are songs you probably have heard that perhaps, you might not have known where written BY El Paso musicians.

Songs like:

"I Fought The Law":

Oh yeah! That classic punk song The Clash made popular in the 70s & countless other artists? Yeah they didn't write it. I Fought the Law was written YEARS ago & El Paso's own Bobby Fuller made it popular in the 60s. It was so popular, the song become #175 in in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in 2004.

"Cosas Del Amor": Vikki Carr is one of the greatest Latin singers that has ever existed & proud of her hometown of El Paso. Anyone who's a fan knows her songs & could make a case for any of them here. Most of her songs were written by other people & she sung them. But... probably one of her best songs that she's written was her duet with Ana Gabriel back in 1991: "Cosas Del Amor".

"You're No Good":

Dee Dee Warwick, Linda Ronstadt, Van Halen... these are just a few artists that covered this song. The man behind writing the song though? Was a man named Clint Ballard Jr, arguably one of El Paso's greatest songwriters. He was born in El Paso in 1931 & sadly passed away in 2008. But his legacy still lives; he's written many hits throughout his career including I'm Alive by The Hollies & The Game Of Love by Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders.

"Landslide": I know what you're thinking... "Wait Stevie Nicks? SHE was from El Paso??". Yes. The very same one from Fleetwood Mac. She grew up in El Paso, went to school as a little girl... she absolutely COUNTS. Now you could've chosen any of her songs here but I went with Landslide, as Stevie said it's one of her favorite songs during her time with Fleetwood Mac. So with that being said...enjoy.

"After Dark": In the 90s, Tito & Tarantula were just a Chicano rock/blues duo formed in Hollywood, California. The man behind Tito & Tarantula was Juarez's own, Tito Larriva. He would have a hand playing with the 80s punk band, The Plugz. But his biggest accomplishments, arguably, were his appearances in television & movies. Also being friends with Robert Rodriguez & appearing in movies like From Dusk to Down, probably helped BIG time too..

With more successful artists coming from El Paso, making it in the music world, I suspect this list will grow quite nicely in the coming years.

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