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As a self-proclaimed cat expert, I have some recommendations on ways the NFL needs to cat-proof their football fields. As we all learned Monday night, as the Dallas Cowboys took on the New York Giants, cats are no match for NFL security.

I own two adorable kitties with some crazy personalities. I wouldn't doubt that my cat Lucipurr actually took a trip to New York and disguised herself as this cat, then took a red-eye flight right back. Even if it wasn't my cat, I am pretty proud of this furball for scoring a touchdown on both the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

I may not be a professional, but I have created a list from Amazon products all NFL teams should buy so no more cats make it on the field. Instead, the cats will be happily distracted on the sidelines.

1. Catnip

That cat was so scared I felt so bad watching it run around so lost. I wish a catnip fairy could have appeared and just helped the cat calm down. Every NFL team should now have emergency catnip.

2. Laser Toy

All those coaches and no one had a laser pointer? Some one could have easily led the cat our of the stadium if they had a laser to lead the way. Now these type of toys must be places around the stadium to keep cats out.

3. Cat Treats

Food makes every creature stop. Leave a pizza in front of me and I will stop and someone can grab me and throw me out of a stadium. Leave some treats around the area so the cats will get caught up in some good grub, instead of running around on the field.

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