If you listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings or read my articles on this website you know I often give a ton of grief to the people who run our city and county governments. There is nothing I like more than calling out a politician who isn't doing what I think is good for our area. Because all government runs on taxpayer money, you and I are handing politicians money to run things. The City wants to know what you think they should do with your money and they've come up with a survey to get your feedback.

Mike always gives me a hard time because he says that it doesn't matter what you say, the government is going to do what they want. He doesn't believe that any amount of public input makes any difference but I think that your voice needs to be heard so I want you to click here and take the City's survey.

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I took the survey as I wrote this article so I could tell you some of the things that you will be able to weigh in on. Here are three things that might be important to you and your family:

1. Top 3 priorities - You can choose from Community Health like garbage and recycling, Cultural/Educational programs like libraries and the Zoo, Streets like street repair and maintenance.

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2. Funding - Also known as, would you say yes to a bond issue to pay for your top 3 priorities.

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3. Funding, part 2 - Funding for many services had to be put off to fund the COVID-19 response. The City wants to know what services you would want to have funded again.

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The survey takes about two minutes to complete and is very important. I don't understand how people expect their politicians to know what they want if they never participate in things like this. Get on it. It took longer for me to find stock photos for this article than it will take you to participate.

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