If you have seen Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, you probably thought his invisible fire scene was hilarious. I know I did but now that I know invisible fire is real my mind has been blown.

Back in 1981 during the Indy 500 race, Rick Mears made a pit stop during lap 58 and had some difficulties with his vehicle. A fire ignited in the pit but what was really scary is that the flames were invisible.

Fuel spilled out onto the car and crew from a hose that began to gush from the vehicle. When the fluid reached the engine it began a fire on not Mears but his crew. The flames from a methanol fire are transparent, have no smoke and burn at a lower temperature.

This scene is far different from the comedic performance of Will Ferrell. I just hope next time you watch that hilarious Ricky Bobby, I don't ruin this scene for you.

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