I love coffee. I know it sounds a bit cliché because I work on a morning show, but my love of coffee began way before my 4 A.M. wake up calls.

If you missed it on the show this past week, I mentioned that I usually make myself a big pot of coffee on Monday, which I then store in a mason jar in the fridge and then pour myself my morning cup every day after. I'm my own barista.

So, while doing some caffeinated research, I stumbled upon an article titled "Top 5 Most Popular Coffee Shops in El Paso, Texas". Obviously, my interest was piqued.

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The list had some real great picks:

Savage Goods
Coffee Box
Global Coffee
2Ten Coffee Roasters
Kinley's Coffee House

While I can argue with that list, I have to admit, there were some I believe are missing. Here's a list of 11 (including the five above) with six more that I believe should be on the list.

11 Popular Coffee Shops in El Paso

For those days where you don't feel like wating in the Starbucks or the Dutch Bros line, give these local cafe's a try!

El Paso certainly has some great options for coffee, but I believe that when it's made by actual El Pasoans, it tastes better!

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