May 28 is National Hamburger Day and the only proper way to celebrate usually comes with an order of fries.

Despite it being an iconic American food, the hamburger originated in Germany in the town of Hamburg. That's why it's called a hamburger. But, putting the meat patty between two pieces of bread is as American as it gets, and what we call a hamburger today.

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Burgers are a classic American meal. In fact, Americans eat around 50-billion burgers every year, which averages out to three burgers a week for every person. Amateurs!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat your way through the best burgers El Paso has to offer. Start with these; 10 of the highest rated burger places Yelp El Paso has given the most enthusiastic thumbs up to. Spoiler Alert: Whataburger is not one of them. Whaa? The travesty! Foodies are such elitists.

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