Halloween is right around the corner and just about everybody is celebrating by way of unique, original, corny, tacky, horrible, and amazing costumes. From Pennywise to Meh from the Emoji Movie, people are pulling out all the stops for their Halloween costumes. This young Oklahoma City Thunder fan is probably the only one in the world who not only thought of but also pulled off this Russell Westbrook costume idea. This was Westbrook's outfit prior to the first matchup between Oklahoma City and Golden State last year in Oracle Arena.

From the black bandana to the white laces on the Chuck's, Decker definitely showed his sense of style and appreciation for the 2016-2017 NBA MVP. You can even notice the orange vest with text that reads "Official Photographer". Or how about the tear on the jeans by his left knee, Decker's mom Susan most certainly paid attention to detail. Now there might be some people who will pick at every detail but forget the earplugs and watch on the his left wrist, this costume would win a contest. Possibly a dunk contest?

As far as Russell Westbrook & Oklahoma City go, the team is an even (technically odd) 3-3 so far in the early season. Although he isn't averaging a triple-double yet, he did accomplish a feat that no other NBA player has done when he led OKC to a 101-69 win against the Chicago Bulls and that is to notch a triple-double against every single team in the NBA (except OKC which is who he plays for). The revamped Oklahoma City lineup has shown flashes of extremely elite play on offense at times but there are still moments where the team has shown that the chemistry isn't there yet. Their next matchup is Tuesday against the 4-2 Milwaukee Bucks who are led by 'The Greek Freek' Giannis Antetokounmpo on NBA TV.

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