Soon may not be exactly the right word but efforts are underway to get it running, errr, climbing again.

I use the word "soon" hesitantly because, at best, it seems the tramway is 5 years away from being declared safe and operational.

The Wyler Tramway was shut down in 2018 because it was deemed too old and unsafe. In 2016, a group of Socorro Middle School students were stranded on the tramway when it broke down mid - journey.

Plans are underway now though to bring the tramway experience back to El Pasoans and visitors alike with a new viewing area at the top of Ranger Peak and a brand new tram. Not a rebuild, all new.

KVIA reported that Texas Parks and Wildlife are teaming up with with the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority to get this project done. Raymond Telles, executive director of the CRRMA, said:

“That’s huge because right now, when folks would go up to the existing aerial station if you’ve ever been up there, it's an actual operating radio tower, right? So you’re walking around, there’s signs about radiation, and it’s not a hugely inviting location. So this new one is gonna be just for patrons,” said Telles. - KVIA

So far, the project has raised $10 million in funding and they're now after another $10 million.

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The nearest tramway to El Paso climbs to Sandia Peak in Albuquerque and draws 250-thousand visitors annually. All paying up to $29 a head for their ride so, as you can see, this could mean big bucks.

Not to mention being able to again enjoy the thrill of the, sometimes swinging, ride and enjoying that spectacular view.

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