Bumper cars as you know them will never be the same.

YouTube wildcat Colin Furze, famous for creating things that you probably shouldn't create -- see his flame-throwing guitar -- is at it again with a bumper car that he rigged to go 100 miles per hour.

Furze put in a 600CC engine that makes the classic amusement park ride move like it's better suited for the Daytona 500 and will surely leave whoever drives it let down the next time he actually hops in a traditional bumper car.

A hundred miles an hour is unbelievably fast and probably a real rush, but let's not harbor any illusions that this will become a staple at carnivals and state fairs. The last thing any parent wants to hear is one kid complaining that Johnny kept intentionally smashing into his car because it would then come with the added headache of going to the emergency room to snap Junior's spine back into place.

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