I don't speak Spanish. But sometimes the World Cup just sounds better en Español, especially the goal calls – long enough to make an opera singer jealous! Watching a highlight online's even better because: hey, scroll around and you could play a song!

Full credit to Sammy Sadovnik, Telemundo's play-by-play announcer for Belgium's incredible 3-2 come-from-behind win over Japan in the World Cup's Round of 16.

An epic last-second team golazo deserved an epic call, and Sadovnik delivers with enough vocal variation to make some stupid interwebz magic.

You can actually pick out "Happy Birthday!"

With all due respect to Telemundo's king, Andres Cantor, his goal calls would blow out the birthday candles (and peel off the top layer of icing with them)! That said, there just isn't the same tonal difference.

Can't with Cantor, pero ¡Sí! con Sadovnik!

With apologies for the video blur (cuz FIFA's watchin', y'all!), here's Happy Birthday in the language of GOOOOOOL!

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