The hot stove this offseason in Major League Baseball has been anything but hot and in fact when it comes to the two biggest names on the market it has been quite cold.

Bryce Harper and Manny Machado both remain unsigned and the list of potential teams that are willing to spend the enormous amount of money on the top free agents seems to be dwindling by the day.

Although most have considered the major markets as the only suitors for Machado and Harper some other teams may have a chance.

Last week, some reports had mystery teams potentially getting in on the bidding for the two biggest names on the MLB free agent market and one of those teams potentially in on Harper happened to be the Minnesota Twins.

That's right, the same Minnesota Twins who are considered be one of the more frugal organizations in Major League Baseball.

Minnesota actually has the money to spend with Joe Mauer's contract coming off the books and even if the Twins gave harper the 30 to 40 million a year he is coveting, they would still be outside the top 10 in overall team salary.

Some will laugh at the report as prior history in the free agent market doesn't bode well for the confidence of Twins fans in regards to nailing down a big time free agent.

That said, whether this comes to fruition or not, this has to be very encouraging to Minnesota Twins fans.

The fact that the Twins are even mentioned in the same breath as Harper means that there is interest and it means the new Twins regime is looking at all options as they try to win the teams third World Series title.


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