The biggest free agent stories of the NBA preseason are Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin. While Lin has found a home, Howard’s situation is still a nightmare. In the NBA, a big player can land in a big spot. When they are approaching their free agency, a player can either find themselves making good money somewhere they desire or remain stuck, waiting for a trade.

These are the cases with Jeremy Lin and Dwight Howard. Lin is coming off a monster season. The question is will he be able to reproduce those numbers? The Knicks obviously didn’t think so, being that they wouldn’t even fight for him to stay in New York.

Dwight Howard is still in search of a new home. He wants out of Orlando, but until 2013, he has to be traded. Orlando doesn’t want to give up the star for nothing, but won’t allow Howard to go where he wants, either. It’s a tough situation for both player and management.

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