Over the years there have been plenty of attention seeking losers, knuckleheads, and drunks that have run onto a playing field.  We all brace for that moment when the person runs out of real estate and gets gang tackled and possibly tased by that cities' finest.

Yesterday, in the Orioles/White Sox game in Chicago, a different type of character stopped play by running onto the field.  The perpetrator was a young boy who is believed to be four years old.  The kid came running toward White Sox left fielder Dayan Viciedo.  Viciedo gently scooped up the kid and handed him over to security.

After the game Viciedo told the media via interpreter, "My first reaction was to grab him.  What I was thinking was that I hoped a ball doesn't hit him, so that's why I instinctively went to grab him."

The kid and two adults were ejected from the game.  There is speculation that the boy's father encouraged him to run onto the field.  If that's the case, HOW PATHETIC!!!!