How do I spend my Sunday's? You are about to find out! Throughout the day, from start to finish, I will give you a time line of how my Sunday is spent. It may be random thoughts, updates or play by play. Who know. I just hope you enjoy it. Sorry in advance to anyone I offend!

9:00am- Taking a seat at my bar and tuning in  Newcastle United v Tottenham.

9:03am- Think I will grab a breakfast beverage! :)

9:19am- Checking my fantasy teams, big week in both!

9:46am- Just accepted two "friendly" wagers from my pal Chuy in Cali. One for our fantasy match up today and one for Cleveland v Oakland. Chuy is a huge Raider fan. I feel sorry for him. An 18 pack is on the line for each wager.

10:14am- Second half under way and Newcastle just tied the match. 1-1

10:26am- Time to check out the game lineup on the Sunday Ticket Game Mix channel.

10:39am- Continuing to go over my fantasy lineups is not going to help. They are locked.

10:45am- Big screen is on and ready for a full Sunday. GOAL Newcastle!! My Reds needed that!! 2-2 now in the 85th minute!

10:55am- Need a breakfast beverage refill and then it is on to the couch! Nice job Newcastle! 2-2 draw. Liverpool fans thank you!

11:00am- Well just found out I am NOT listening to the Bills/Giants game. I can't stand Jim Nance!! Gonna go with the Lions/49ers.

11:03am- Atlanta going old school with the red helmets!! Love it!!

11:07am- That's gonna help my fantasy points! I love the Lions D!!

11:11am- The NFC East may be down but the bad blood isn't!

11:17am- I bet it was Paula Abdul's idea to mentor contestants of the X-Factor at the judges homes.

11:24am- Fred Jackson is the man!! Wow what a run!

11:34am- I guess you really do play according to who you are playing... Right Green Bay? I know it is early but they look like crap!

11:37am- This just in... Buffalo is good! Wow! Someone new pops up every week. This week, Roosevelt.

11:48am- I stand corrected on the Green Bay comment. Note to self: Stop over thinking your fantasy lineup!

11:54am- OK. Green Bay has officially woken up! Aaron Rodgers. Do I need to say anything else?

12:10pm: I am guessing that Redskins fans could have done without the bye week right about now.

12:35pm- Halftime of the morning wave. 3 good games 3 bad. Who cares about Indy and the Bengals!

12:50pm- Cam Newton is here to stay people! May be the most exciting player to watch in the NFL this season.

12:57pm- Why is it that everyone on my bench in the El Paso league is going off? Did I hack off the fantasy gods or something?

1:10pm- Vick hurt again and costs the Eagles. Vince Young throws INT on first play.

1:11pm- The Redskins need a new QB.

1:25pm- And the Redskins make a QB change.

1:50pm- Wife came home with pizza! Yes, she is the best.

1:59pm- Hard to believe that Jacksonville had a chance to win after their first half performance. Was it a great second half or a poor Steelers second half. I think the latter.

2;05pm- Browns game starting! Need a big effort from the whole team!

2:08pm- Great effort Buffalo.

2:09pm- McFadden for 24 on the first play from scrimmage... Not a good sign.

2:15pm- Why do you punt to Ted Ginn Jr? Can someone explain this to me?

2:19pm- Romo... yet another INT. Where was he throwing that?

2:22pm- Yes Chuy, Touchdown Raiders.

2:24pm- If the 49ers hang on to win, all I can say is Jim Harbaugh, coach of the year.

2:31pm- Lions go down to the 49ers! Like i said. Coach of the Year.

2:35pm- " The Browns really struggling to find their rhythm offensively. " - Rich Gannon CBS Sports. Wow Rich, you really went outside the box on that comment.

2:38pm- After a rare Tom Brady mistake, the Cowboys HAVE to capitalize.

2:42pm- Uh... you are not a player Harbuagh, have some class and respect will ya? Act like that after you shake hands with the other coach. Come on...

2:46pm- Red Zone just showed Schwartz go after Harbaugh! LOL! That's what he gets for acting like that. I retract my previous statement. Jackass of the year seems to fit better now!

2:49pm- OH WOW! There is a Browns offense sighting! Look out Chuy!!

2:53pm- Well... I guess you did. 101yds? Great effort by the kicker though. I think he spiked himself. Some things never change. That is why the Browns are the Browns.

3:15pm- I am calling broken collar bone for Raiders QB Jason Campbell.

3:28pm- Browns may have a chance now that Jason Campbell has been replaced by Kyle Boeller.

3:49pm- Looks like it doesn't matter who is in a QB. Just like I thought, the Harbaugh/Schwartz run in is getting a lot of coverage and will get more you can be sure.

3:53pm- Bold statement... This half for the Cowboys could make or break the rest of the year for them. Don't get me wrong, Washington losing helped a lot but to be honest, they need this win badly.

3:56pm- Houston has just scored to take a 14-13 lead in Baltimore in what is a blah game.

3:58pm- Why is Peyton Hillis on the sidelines with his helmet off???? Hey Shermur... I thought you said you were going to get him the ball more this week? I guess not.

4:14pm- Just found out and saw the horrific crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway that has claimed the life of Dan Wheldon. A big loss to all. RIP Dan Wheldon.

4:32pm- Trying to focus and get back to watching football. Tough to do but trying. Browns are still losing, shocker. Cowboys have a chance, and Baltimore is leading now and the Saints are trying to fight back... Looks like the only crappy game is the Browns. Fitting.

4:47pm- Looks like all the stars are aligning in Foxboro for the Cowboys. Brady with another INT.

5:04pm- I give the Browns credit though, they don't know what the word quit means. I am honestly proud of them for that.

5:08pm- Is it possible? Are the Cowboys going to pull this out?

5:09pm- Browns recover the on side kick!! Wait, under review, I am sure they will say Cribbs touched it early. But he didn't! They Didn't!!! We have a chance!!

514pm- I refuse to comment on that last series for fear of using language I will regret.

5:16pm- Sorry Cowboy fans.

This is what I do on Sundays. Watch football, eat pizza and have beverages. It may not be your idea of a good time but it is for me. I am very fortunate to have a wife that "lets" me enjoy my Sundays the way I want. Thank you Rochelle!!

Oh... I won my fantasy match up in the California league and it is not looking good in El Paso, not good at all.