The old saying "a picture is worth thousand words" more than represents the picture I chose for this post. In fact, this picture could be priceless in my opinion.

If you haven't taken notice, the tide is turning on the PGA Tour to a "new" era of golfer.

What "new" era am I referring too?

The era of the young golfer, with class and respect for the game, that also commands and deserves the respect of his peers. And in turn, gives that respect back, much like we have seen on the European PGA Tour for years now.

This respect and good will toward fellow American and non american golfers is long over due and needed in the effort to regain our place atop golf's global stage.

Thanks to players like Bubba Watson, this years Masters Champion,  Rickie Fowler, winner of yesterday's Wells Fargo Championship, Ben Crane and Aaron Baddeley,  we are seeing a support of fellow tour players of the likes we have never seen from American golfers. Throw in a few foreign players and what you have is a revolution.

A revolution that is the best thing that could possibly happen to American golf.

Gone now are the days of individuals who think and act like the world revolves around their every move and is in a shell that does not allow for friendships. Friendships that that lend the support to make guys rise to the challenge where in the past they might fail.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the talent of these guys isn't there or suggesting that they could never won without this, they could have. But it is a lot easier with a support system behind you than without one. Especially when it is your peers.

Because of this, I believe you will see a shift of dominance from Europe back to the United States, not only on tour but in the Ryder Cup as well. This camaraderie and support of fellow golfers is long over due and welcomed.

That is why I say, it is time to forget about Tiger, enjoy the "new" era of golfer and embrace the revolution that is sweeping American golf.