THIS is Notre Dame's new helmet?! They're going to wear THIS Saturday against Maryland?! You have GOT to be kidding me! It's like a leprechaun hit a windshield, as imagined by a Bugs Bunny cartoonist!

Hey, it's not like Brian Kelly's Irish have been conjuring images of Rockne, Parsehgian or even Holtz lately; but is Notre Dame so starved for national attention these days that it has to horn in on the Oregon method?

The Fightin' Phil Knights were nothing before Nike money and marketing made them college football's fashion plate, and other programs have gotten with be different and fun.

Schools like Boise State can do this. The Broncos whole image is brash and new.

TCU is far enough removed from the glory days of the 1930's to not stomp on its brand by trying new looks.

But Notre Dame?! Sorry, if a program that is stuck in a time warp thinking it's history, tradition and virginal image still make it America's Team, it doesn't get to sneak out of the dorm for beer and smokes without anyone noticing.

This is a school that pays meticulous attention to how it looks. By all it says and does, Notre Dame makes a choice as to how it wants to be perceived, and the Irish chose the letter sweater look a long time ago.

When a program like Notre Dame starts experimenting with a new won't end well. It can't pull it off because it doesn't know how.

C'mon, Irish, this helmet looks like it was illustrated by the guy who drew up the Lucky Charms box for General Mills!

Notre Dame says this helmet is all part of a series of helmet designs rolled out for one game a year. They call it “The Shamrock Collection”.

Which reminds me, I need to roll something out tomorrow morning, too. I call it “The Garbage Collection”.

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