This is a major bummer.  The Tramway, a favorite spot for El Pasoans to visit ... and take visitors to ... has been closed.

The Wyler Aerial Tramway has been closed by the TPWD who said in a press release that it has "surpassed its life expectancy".  They have operated the Tramway for about 20 years and said, according to the El Paso Herald-Post, that:

“Despite passing annual inspections, the latest analysis concluded the tram has surpassed its life expectancy and is no longer suited for public use. Out of an abundance of caution, TPWD has closed the tramway while it considers its options.”

A complete overhaul of the Tram would cost millions of dollars which the TPWD does not currently have available.  The Tramway, originally built to carry workers up to the transmitters atop Ranger Peak, was donated to the TPWD in 1997.

I'm sure most El Pasoans would like to see the Tram fixed up and reopened so, here's the big question:  If the TPWD can't afford to refurbish it, who should?

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