So the MLB all star game was played yesterday in Kansas City and after the 1st inning the National League was up 5 runs. Who knew that after that you could have changed the channel because the game was done right then and there.

The National League ended up winning 8-0 but it seemed like the American League wasn’t really trying that hard.

Am I the only one that was bored out of my mind watching this game? I don’t think so.  Now, I understand that nobody wants to get hurt, especially during an all star game, but come on! At least try. At least give me a reason to keep watching.  When the biggest highlight of the night for the American League is when Robinson Cano gets booed for the 2nd night in a row, that’s not a good thing.  Actually it was pretty funny, but you know what I’m saying.

Now, in defense of the American league, they did get shut down by some great pitching from the National league so I guess that’s the excuse. I know there’s nothing that could be done to improve the game  that wouldn’t upset the ‘Baseball Purists” out there but honestly I was bored out of my mind.  Clearly the National League wanted to win for Chipper Jones, oh and lets not forget to get home field advantage for the World Series.

The only positive thing that I take away from this game is that it makes me realize that the MLB All-Star game is still better than the NFL Pro Bowl! That game sucks beyond belief.  The NFL needs to get rid of that game!

Speaking of football we are less than 2 weeks away until training camps open up. I can’t wait!

Oh and thank god I taped WWE Monday night raw, it gave me something to watch instead of the rest of the game

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