As you all know by now, when I travel, it is done in style, and there are plenty of  delicious meals that are planned out.  My goal is to find local establishments in various places that I cannot get in El Paso,  My family and I took a trip to Los Angles this past week, and as usual, we visited some great places.  Here are some pictures from our epic noshes.  Above is Canter's Deli which has been an institution in LA since 1931, offering some of the best corned beef and pastrami you can find. Here is the famed Mish Mosh soup which features a matzo ball, kreplach (Jewish dumpling), rice and noodles.

Pink's chili dogs at Universal City Walk in Hollywood. (Photo by Brandon Cohn)
Pink's Hot Dogs at Universal City Walk in Hollywood. (Photo by Brandon Cohn)

Pink's has been a staple in LA since it first opened in 1939. The original location is on Melrose and La Brea in Hollywood and it is rare to not find a long line to get one of the best chili dogs that you will ever have. In fact, many celebrities are often seen at Pink's, and Frank Sinatra used to pull up to the Hollywood location in his limo to get their delicious food. Pink's holds a special place to my heart because my late father took me there often as a kid, and now I'm continuing his tradition by taking my own kids there.

Vodoo Donuts at Universal City Walk. (Photo by Brandon Cohn)
Vodoo Doughnuts at Universal City Walk. (Photo by Brandon Cohn)

If you are looking for the perfect dessert, Vodoo Doughnuts is your place. The franchise originated in Portland, Oregon and has since moved to various locations around the country, including LA at the Universal City Walk.  Now I've had some good doughnuts in my time, but these are the best damn doughnuts that you will ever eat. Among the ones that we tried pictured here are the Captain My Captain with Captain Crunch, Grape Ape, which is made with real grape Kool-Aid, Dirt Doughnut with crushed oreos, and The Loop with fruit loops.

One of the best parts about traveling is to experience and sample different foods.  I've got a few more trips planned this summer and will make sure to take plenty of pics and share them with you.  Remember, when you are some where other than home, be bold and try new things, it's the way to go!

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