The BCS is now history, the final games that took place this past week couldn't have ended any better, especially with Florida State's 34-31 win over Auburn in the championship game.Who could have predicted that four out the five final BCS games would be won by teams who were underdogs?  If it wasn't for Florida State pulling off their spectacular victory in the final minute of the contest, then all five BCS games would have been  won by the longshots.  Cleary, it was the most entertaining bunch of games that have occurred since the BCS era began in 1998.

It is nice to see the BCS era end with a bang, with that being said, it is also nice to see it finally end.  Every other major sport has a playoff system, college football was the only one that didn't.  This sparked controversy for years, as so many people argued that the system was unfair.  This will all finally come to an end next season when a four game playoff will be implemented to determine a national champion.

This will not please everyone as some will argue that their team may not have a chance to compete in the playoff because they are not ranked high enough.  One thing that I have learned in life is that pleasing everyone is not a realistic possibility.  A playoff system is something that college football has needed for years, after all who wants a computer system to decide which teams play for the national championship?  It just isn't right.

One thing is for certain, no questions will ever arise again as to which two teams should be playing for a national championship, college football will finally join every other sport with a playoff system; logically, it is the only way to determine a champion.

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