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I know women today who will bring their older sons into the women's restrooms as a safety precaution. Inside the lavatory, it's just understood. Sadly those fears will continue to intensify as we read more stories of unprovoked violence inside public restrooms.

Thanks to one man, this story has a reassuring ending.

It happened over the weekend during the hectic tax-free weekend in a San Antonio Target store when a 9-year-old went into the restroom not expecting what happened next. As his family waited outside for them they quickly heard loud banging and screams from their son. Before they could even process what was happening their little boy ran out screaming, " He hit me." In an instant, the perpetrator escaped the scene by running out the doors and down the street. According to KENS5, the little boy's father attending to his child, quickly screamed, "Get him, he hit my son!"

It was then that a concerned citizen, Tyrone Turner, gave chase.

Tyrone Turner offered in his testimony that at first, he didn't process the situation fully but as the perpetrator, later identified as 27-year-old Marcus Zapata, continued to run in and out of San Antonio traffic, Turner turned on the heat only knowing Marcus had hurt a child.

During the chase, Turner was able to record the entire thing as well as call the police.

Turner said the suspect ran into two different businesses trying to get away, but he refused to give up. Eventually, Zapata ran out of breath, and Turner along with SA police was able to capture him.

"We already feel that in this country we can't go anywhere or do much of anything because people are getting attacked, especially our children. So I just wanted to make sure that he felt OK and he knew the guy was found," Turner said.

Turner is being hailed as a hero according to the family of the 9-year-old. Zapata on the other hand is looking at a third-degree felony.

You can view the intense chase thanks to Kens5. 

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