In Texas, we're accustomed to seeing a snake or two. Full disclosure, I'm terrified of snakes! But when I found out about the Texas Blind Snake, I realized it's kind of cute.

The Texas Blind Snake is, as the name implies, completely blind! Also, it looks like it's the size of an earthworm- so if I encountered one in the wild, I probably won't be terrified of it- probably.

But just look at how tiny it is; it is so small it can fit in the palm of your hand!

It does look like a worm, so it shouldn't really scare me, right? Probably- If I'm being completely honest, worms kind of freak me out too, just because they look like tiny snakes!

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But the Texas blind snake, aside from being blind and tiny, is not harmful at all. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, it has the tiniest of mouths which means that to us humans, it's completely harmless! Click here to see the snake with its mouth open, it's the cutest thing ever.

Look at its tiny little tongue!

There's also a chance that I may never encounter the Texas Blind Snake simply because, as the Texas Parks and Wildlife tells us, these snakes are considered "fossorial" a word for animals that dig underground.


These little critters wiggle their way underground and can be found in loose, sandy soil, where it can move easily through small spaces and tunnels. So unless I'm doing some gardening, I probably won't have to freak out about seeing one!

I'm conflicted with how cute it is, but it's still a snake, and much like Indiana Jones, I do not like them.

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