Did you know that Texas ranks 40th in education in the entire country? Well, that's a least according to WalletHub who compared all 50 states.

It doesn't feel too good to be towards the bottom of the barrel, especially since I'm a born and bred Texan! Despite the WalletHub study I like to think that the Lone Star state has its fair share of intelligent people; high school diploma or not!

However, when I saw this billboard, I was reminded that Texas needs to work on their education! This billboard, not entirely sure where it is located, was posted on the Texas subreddit and it definitely got roasted; see if you can catch on why:

Now, I can't say I blame them; "Capitol" and "Capital" are easily confusing words. I know I had trouble with them when I was in the third grade! If you need a reminder, Mrs. Gomez (my third grade teacher) always told us that a good way to remember the difference is that "there's a dOme on the capitOl". If you need a refresher on the difference click here.

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But, this is a huge billboard that everyone can see, you would think they had someone proofread it (and yes I get the irony, so many of you are kind enough to point out that we need editors!). Trust me, I know the importance of proof reading.

While many in the Reddit thread were quick to catch the mistake, I must confess, that if I had seen that on the highway, it would have taken me a little longer to realize the mistake.

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