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Next Time Don’t Call Her Maybe? [VIDEO]
Hasn't this girls 15 minutes of fame ended yet?
To bad for the Tampa Bay Rays it hasn't. Yesterday, the Rays had Carley Rae Jepsen throw out the first pitch. You know her, she is responsible for the song "Call Me Maybe" that everyone did videos to. I a...
A Night For the Ages in Major League Baseball
Every cliche, platitude, or superlative one could conjure up is applicable to what happened over a three hour period on the final evening of the 2011 Major League Baseball season.  The Braves and Red Sox decided to take September off, and the Cardinals and Rays took full advantage.
Do or Die???
As comical as it sounds, are the 2011 Boston Red Sox facing a must win series in early April?  The Sox made the biggest off season splash inking Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez to big contracts.  Most experts and talking heads predicted them to win the AL East and the pennant, yet after …