An Inconsolable Bear
The powerhouse and odds on favorites to win the Olympic Gold Medal in Men's Ice Hockey was the host country of Russia coming into the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.
But as fate would have it, the pressure proved to be too much for Team Russia and they were eliminated from the Olympic Tournament to…
The Sexiest Winter Olympians
The XXII Winter Olympic games are finally here!  This year brings some of the finest athletes in the world to Sochi, Russia.  Here is an entertaining video to get everyone excited about the games and some of the most beautiful female athletes that will be competing in Sochi this month...
Epic Fight Breaks Out In Youth Russian Hockey Game [Video]
Check out this video in which an epic brawl breaks out during a youth Russian hockey game between Metallurg and Barys.
This crazy fight keeps going on for 2 solid minutes!  I counted at least two times that I saw a child fly in the air, then tackle another child