Rugby Player Banned 3 Years for Savage Hit on Female Ref
It's another example of athletes getting too physical with referees.
Italy's Federezione Italiana Rugby has banned Bruno Andres Doglioli, of Argentina, for three years after he blindsided a female referee with a vicious hit during a match on Sunday when neither were anywhere near the play..…
Watch Tianna Camous deliver impressive rugby tackles
With the nickname "KO" and the rampaging ability to tackle anyone in her path, Tianna Camous has become a sensation in the college rugby field. She has a background in wrestling, which gave her the opportunity to get a scholarship to Lindenwood University in Missouri, and used…
Hardest Rugby Tackle Ever
It’s quite possibly the hardest hitting rugby tackle of the season. An epic man-to-man bone-crunching, completely legal rugby tackle that will make you look at the concussion drama in the NFL and laugh.

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