Rugby Player Banned 3 Years for Savage Hit on Female Ref
It's another example of athletes getting too physical with referees.
Italy's Federezione Italiana Rugby has banned Bruno Andres Doglioli, of Argentina, for three years after he blindsided a female referee with a vicious hit during a match on Sunday when neither were anywhere near the play..…
Conan Remembers the NFL Replacement Refs [VIDEO]
Hey, wow, after months and months of getting nowhere with the NFL, looks like the league's referee will be back in uniform for all of this week's games!
Gee, wonder how that happened?
While the refs and the league dot "I's" and cross "T's", we want to take this moment to remember t…
NFL Replacement Refs Fired…By Lingerie League? [VIDEO]
If Deadspin and the Lingerie Football League aren't pulling anyone's leg, there may be calls for some NFL front office jobs. Deadspin alleges and the LFL confirms that a handful of the NFL's replacement referees were thrown out of the LFL...because they weren't good enough!
Blame the Refs Guy!
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