8 Resources We Wish NFL Teams Used To Choose Draft Picks
Drafting in the National Football League isn’t the exact science that most NFL scouts and general managers would like you to believe it is. It explains why players like JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf can be first overall picks and Tom Brady can be a sixth-round selection.
The 15 Best Undrafted Players in the NFL Today
The 2012 NFL Draft starts Thursday with NFL teams taking the opportunity to draft the best talent from the college ranks into the pros. While many teams build Super Bowl champions by drafting blue chip prospects, many other great players are left undrafted. Here are 15 of the best undrafted players …
Will the NBA Draft Be Expanded to Three Rounds?
The NBA may be in lockout mode, but that doesn’t mean league activities have stopped. Owners have proposed adding a third round to the annual draft, which could lead to even more sweeping changes to the annual event, according to SheridanHoops.com. The goal is to create a more competitive balance o…